Property number: 22-006


$34,600 40 Acres of Rural Land For Sale

40 acres to roam, play, ride, camp, and own for you and your family for the price of a car payment!

This property comes with 25% mineral rights and is located just south of Unionville in the gorgeous Buena Vista Valley. There is road access through the northern portion of the land.

With stunning mountain views that are snow-capped in the winter, this Buena Vista Valley property is an excellent upgrade for current landowners or a special treat for first-time land buyers.

Near Winnemucca, yet far from the crowds, this parcel offers close road access and a great place to come for the weekend or homestead. In this day and age of hustle-bustle, wouldn’t be great to take your kids out to your own land that is beautiful, quiet, and open-spaced? Who of your neighbors owns 40 acres?

You can own land at the cost of a monthly car payment. It is being offered at a $34,600 cash price or owner financing is available. No qualifying. No credit checks. No FICA Score and No prepayment penalties. $500 down payment. The land is the collateral.

$500 down and $229 document fee.

Sample payment plan:

60 months: $691.43/month

72 months: $597.88

84 months: $531.49

96 months: $482.06

There is a $10 note fee and $6.32/month property tax added to the payment plan selected.

County Contact Information: For land use information, call Pershing Planning & Zoning Dept. at (775) 273-2700. For ownership verification, call the Assessor’s Office at (775) 273-2369.

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