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APN: 008-480-13 Purchase this property – call (619) 887-2848 or EMail walkyourland@gmail.com

If you love neighbors, don’t buy this land!

I think you know what I mean! The only thing around you is land, clear skies, stars, mountains, and more land. This property is near Mill City, a community four miles north of Imlay on I-80. The Humboldt River is to the northwest and the northern end of the Humboldt Range lies to the east.

This 10-acre parcel is 8 minutes from Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary, which provides rehab, release services, permanent housing, and care for orphaned, injured, or confiscated wild animals. Many of the wild residents are former exotic “pets.” Several have come to Safe Haven as the result of significant rescue efforts coordinated by agencies and sanctuaries nationwide.

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 40.6453649823552 Longitude: -118.024270880185

Price: $6,400.00
Can be purchased for price or terms. Terms include $299 down with $112 a month for 60 months with 0% interest. There is also a $229 document fee. All terms are negotiable.

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