Why is the land the best investment around? As Ted Turner said during an interview about why billionaires own so much raw, rural land, “It’s the only thing that lasts.”

One quarter-mile square of earth that you own! Not many people even own two acres; you own 160!!

Searching for a property that is going to increase in value and provide you long-term investment appreciation even in today’s economy?

This is one of those pieces of land that holds unique value! From the moment you drive into this wide open space, you can feel your soul shine from head to toe as you gaze over the gorgeous and pristine countryside. The solitude of nature, the refreshing breeze on your face, and that feeling that you now own land that is in demand is what you will experience when you pull the trigger on this property!

You’ll have the opportunity to build memories with your family, show your children what the Old West was like, and expose them to times without video games and iPhones. Explore the outdoor delights of nearby Water Canyon, bike to the top of Winnemucca Mountain, or fish the Rye Patch Reservoir.

This parcel is in the Grass Valley area of Pershing County, one of the loveliest of the valleys in the area.

Nevada has been the fastest growing state in the country for 15 years running and prime land investment opportunities are becoming hard to find. We sort through dozens of properties a day, carefully looking for rural land parcels that are an investment in your future lifestyle as well as an opportunity for long term appreciation.

This land is one of a kind. This property is for people who want a break from the rat race. Spending time in nature in an area unspoiled by development. Land that is limited only by your dreams.

We are confident that you won’t find a better opportunity in the area for this price!

GPS Coordinates to the center of property:
40.643956, -117.761836
GPS Coordinates 4 Corners:
NW: 40.64713936, -117.76657897
NE: 40.64759522, -117.75722342
SE: 40.64095241, -117.75720196
SW: 40.64023599, -117.76664334
Cash discount: $55,000
With $2500 down and a $299 Document fee, your monthly payment would be:
48 months: $1281.68/month
60 months: $1064.51/month
72 months: $920.50/month
84 months: $818.28/ month
96 months: $742.18/month
9 years: $683.48
There is a yearly land tax and a note fee. We pay the taxes for you and add the monthly property tax to whichever terms agreement you choose. The note fee is $20 a month.

Seller financing is available. No credit check; no credit score needed.

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