APN 008-500-14

Property # 21-021

Why you should own this land

As a grandpa once said to his grandson, “Son, they ain’t making any more land. Get all you can!” There are so many benefits to owning wide-opened spaced land.

People often associate real estate investing with rental properties, but rarely think of raw land as a secure investment. It holds its value, is forever and offers so much more than a stock certificate. Few of your neighbors own 20 acres and for less than a car payment, it can be yours.

Imagine walking with your kids or grandkids and they look up at the sky and say, “Wow, look at all those stars!” Or recreating on 20 of your own acres with no one telling you what to do.

Come and explore this unique opportunity. This 20-acre parcel offers paved road access and is easy to get to. It is a bit east of Lovelock, NV, off Interstate 80. Use it as a base camp, grow agriculture, mine, and enjoy family camping. Actually, camping was found to be the activity that ranked the highest in keeping families together.

This 20 -acres is located in the lovely Buena Vista Valley and boasts 360-degree views of the Humboldt, East, and Stillwater Mountain Ranges. Bring your ATVs, horses, hiking boots, binoculars, and telescopes!

Thousands of miles of trails, abundant wildlife, and night skies like you have never seen before. This is an opportunity to disconnect from the fast pace of day-to-day life and push the refresh button surrounded by nature.

Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary is just 6.3 miles down the road. Safe Haven is home to exotic animals requiring lifetime rehabilitation and sanctuary and offers tours. Kyle Hot Spring is just 18 miles as the crow flies down the road where you can take a soak and watch the sun dip behind the Humboldt Mountain Range.

In addition, this property is just 30 minutes from Rye Patch Recreation Area where you can fish and boat, and near the town of Lovelock which has all your supply needs.

If you’re a land-lover and adventurist, this may be the parcel for you. It is your land today and for tomorrow to come!

GPS Coordinates to the center of the property:
40.634519, -118.059014
GPS Coordinates to the Corners Available upon request

$14,500 cash purchase or financing available and no prepayment penalty for early payoff.

Financing is only $500 down and a $229 document fee.

36 months = $438.71/month
48 months = $341.78/month
60 months = $283.87/month

72 months = $245.47/month


There is a $10/month note fee and property tax is $6/month. Thus, add $16 to whatever terms you elect to use.

County Contact Information:
For land use information, call Pershing Planning & Zoning at (775) 273-2700. For ownership verification, call Assessor at (775) 273-2369.

Reach out to Brian Adamo at 619-887-2848 or email Brian@Landondemand.us for more information.

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